Community Outreach

Thermal Power Plant (NPL at Rajpura)

NPL has launched various welfare programmes/schemes to support communities. Presently we work within the radius of 5 kilometers in 50 Villages surrounding the Rajpura plant:

  • Up-gradation and repair of Village Infrastructure like Roads, Community Center, Dharamshala, Training Centers, Culverts, Drains, Pathways, Toilets, Cremation Grounds etc.
  • Up-gradation of Infrastructure of educational institutions/schools through construction of class rooms, renovation of buildings; we also provide support for basic amenities like desks, utensils, food grain containers, drinking water, submersible pump sets etc.
  • To improve the skewed male-female ratio, we honour the birth of female children with a reward of Rs. 21,000/- by way of fixed deposit in the name of the girl child for ten years. 211 families have been honoured under the scheme so far.
  • We provide financial assistance of Rs. 21,000/- to needy families at the time of marriage of their girl child (above the age of 18 years) under the Shagan Scheme. 246 families have been supported under this scheme so far.
  • We impart skill training to over 300 women at seven skill training centres in the surrounding villages and have equipped these centres with required sewing/embroidery machines, furniture, and trained instructors. NPL takes care of the running expenses of these centres.
  • We motivate trained students in income generating activities, by providing free sewing machines to help them earn from their home contributing to the family income.
  • We provide financial assistance to needy people (on a case-to-case basis) for medical treatment - this covers serious ailments like cancer, liver transplant, heart, hip joint & other orthopedic surgeries.
  • We provide Viability Gap funding to Village Panchayats for setting up water tanks for availability of safe drinking water under a Govt./World Bank funded programme.
  • We have installed 110 solar lights at key locations in the surrounding villages, in association with Punjab Energy Development Agency (PEDA).
  • We engage local youth in sports or other activities by financing youth clubs for organising sports competitions in the villages.
  • We identify and train school dropouts at CSTI-Abul Khurana for meaningful employment with Construction Companies.
  • We engage eligible skilled/semi-skilled manpower from surrounding villages in association with respective village Panchayats and extend employment opportunities to them.
  • In order to beautify and create green awareness, we have planted 1000 trees along the approach road to the plant.
  • These CSR Programmes are constantly fine-tuned through meetings with the Village Panchayats and Community at regular intervals.

Hydro Power Plant at Uttaranchal

CSR works undertaken by L&T Uttaranchal Hydropower Limited (L&T UHL) for local villages include:

  • Organising free periodic medical health camps for local villages and ambulance service for emergency situations
  • Distribution of sewing machines to the Gram Sabha and establishment of a sewing machine training center
  • Distribution of computers to the Gram Sabha and establishment of a computer training center
  • Vocational training and employment to the local people
  • Renovation of schools and distribution of furniture, warm clothes and school bags along with books & copies
  • Construction and renovation of temples, mosques, cremation ghats, maternity homes & cow sheds
  • Construction and repair of approach pathways, irrigation gulls, water tanks and foot bridges for locals
  • Financial assistance for organizing local festivals, sports meets, religious functions, etc.
  • Encouraging plantation practices in locals by deploying local women for plantation. 53,445 trees have so far been planted in 80.50 hectares of land in 13 villages. The target is to plant more than 50,000 trees in the monsoon season in 2011
  • Funding of drinking water supply projects implemented in two villages